Reflection 18.7.2014

Liva Goba – Innovation in School

the organisational culture perspective – the meaning of culture – personal and professional growth of teachers – curricular paradigms – transforming in learning – reflection

Carmen – Recent advances in the assessment and intervention in mental health by the use of technology

recent advances in the assessment and intervention in mental health by the use of technology – what is mental health? = state of mind, balance in emotions, rational way of the solving problems, feeling relaxed, emotional and physical well-being, etc – there is no such definition accepted – factors: biological, psychological, social – mental illness: impaired functioning, distress, symptoms, reduced capacity to live a menaingful life, impaired productivity, problematic relationships, threat to QoL – anxiety, ASD, ADHD, LD, eating disorders, etc. – risks: burnout, high mortality rates, physical health problems – – great task : fear/happy – projective test – e- therapy i loved this presentation and the test as well, this field is very interesting for me, i like studying people and reasons of their issues, so thank you!

Inguna Melne – Be brave!

Inguna showed us how to break the ice in the classroom, how to be brave and how to improve relationships in the classroom or other social groups, and how to rely on the person, as well.

Kart Kase- Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

Intro to digital storytelling

Types of digital stories

Skills improved by digital storytelling

Digital Storytelling Process

I think that digital storytelling is useful in nearly every subject in school,moreover storytelling bring the opportunity to intergrate more subjects together. As a future English teacher, I really appreciate these kinds of tools, storytelling is perfect for languages.

Kart showed us some of her own videos, then discussion followed.

Ema Kusen, Brigita Klemen – Dyslexia: Can m-learning help?

Vignette as a research method

interactive, motivating, controlled, engaging


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